"It's about the horse, and that's it."

-- George Morris

Coming soon!

Gem Stone Farm has just moved to Glory Days Farm! A private family owned barn. Information and more photos to come.

Full-service Board & Care

Full-service care provides maximum care and convenience for our boarders and their horses. Whether you’re at the barn or not, we provide every level of care for your horse, including grooming, tacking, wrapping, blanketing, clipping and hand walking. We coordinate your horse’s entire life, including turnout, tack-up service, training rides, hacks, vet, farrier, chiropractic, equipment storage, cleaning, and repair, and we even provide you with the standard contents of any well-equipped horseman’s trunk, including polos, leg wraps, saddle pads, grooming supplies, etc. We also do your laundry, so you’ll never have to haul around a stinky blanket in your car!



We provide a customized feeding program. We feel that digestive health is extremely important in the performance horse. We continually research new products and have the horses on digestive supplements in their smartpak, give them omeprazole when shipping and competing, feed flax seed and beet pulp daily and make our home made electrolytes. We believe in roughage being the largest part of a horse’s diet with grain at the lowest amount needed to maintain optimum health and weight.


Turn Out

Allowing a horse to be a horse is very important to us at Gem Stone. A big part of that is turn out. In the summer months we take advantage of good weather and use all night turn out often. Our horses are turned out as much as possible with weather permitting.