Lake St. Louis Results

Very proud of Natalie Robbins, Cam Pfeiffer, and Chrissa Alghini today! Cam and Chrissa both moved up to the Childrens Hunters and got some good ribbons! Natalie moved up on her Lagonda to the Junior hunters and were 2nd in their 1st class! Natalie also won the Maclay on Avicii. To finish up, Chrissa Alghini and Aloft won a childrens hunter class their 1st weekend doing it. Cam Pfeiffer won the ygr childrens eq flat and O/F. Natalie Robbins was 2nd in the USEF medal, 4th and 2nd in the JR hunters on Avicii and 3rd and 8th on Lagonda in the JR hunters. Congrats girls! And Congrats to Happenstance and Aelin Hill on winning the USEF medal and the THIS medal.